Are you looking for strong, durable and attractive fencing that will provide your garden with privacy and security? We specialise in installing fencing that will enhance your garden, making it more safe and more beautiful.

There are a number of options available. You may be a homeowner looking to improve your garden, or maybe you are a business in need of secure metal fencing. Whatever your needs are you can rely on us to erect a product that will look great and last for years.

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Landscape Gardener in Plymouth and Devon wooden garden fencing

Feather Edge Fencing

Feather edge fencing is a very popular fence found in many homes across the UK. Deep foundations, thick slats and high-quality timber ensure that our feather edge fencing is strong, durable and resistant to heavy weather.





Landscape Gardener in Plymouth and Devon slabs patio and fencing in garden complete with shelter to cover bar area

Cedar Fencing

Another popular fence found in many homes in the UK is cedar fencing. The warm tones will add elegance to your garden and look great amongst green trees and flowers. They are durable, strong and provide great value for money. The Cequence Cedar slatted fence system is simple to install and will transform your garden space.





Landscape Gardener in Plymouth and Devon rail fencing on rural property

Rail Fencing

If you have acres of green land you may want to install rail fencing. Rail fencing offers great value for money and will restrict access if you have animals you need to control. They are extremely durable and relatively quick to install.





Landscape Gardener in Plymouth and Devon mesh fencing close up

Mesh Fencing

If you desire increased security, we can also install mesh fencing. Our galvanised and PVC coated mesh fencing will clearly demarcate your property and protect your land from unwanted intruders. We can install fencing in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.?





Landscape Gardener in Plymouth and Devon metal fencing close up

Metal Fencing

Should you require enhanced security, our heavy duty metal fencing will provide your property with total protection. Secure concrete foundations will ensure that you have complete control over your commercial units and land.



This list is by no means exhaustive. We can install a variety of fencing on your property.

Contact us at BB Transform Fencing Decking and Landscape to arrange a free consultation if you are looking for decking and landscaping in Plymouth, Devon or Cornwall.

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